Sunday, June 10, 2007

I had a very strange two month long show At the Clinton Street Theater pub. It looked so wonderfull up on their bright green wall. These pictures were taken on the day I took them home. My Friend Drew, who is very kind drove me and my images home. Thats him taking them off the wall!

The mad rad openning for Klutch's group Sticker show! As well as the last show for "Street Level" at this location. Many Many Many artists from everywhere! Truly too amazing to get from just these pictures! This openned June 9th 2007 and will be up until July. I made 4 sticker desighnes and printed about 30 of each. I love you Street Level! Dont change too much.

This is a bunch of craft Mushrooms me and my Brother made as part of an art bennefit for children. This was in May 2007.

An amazing show/ event. For the month of Mar. 2007 On display was "Wet Set (The Toys of Synth" images at Floating World Comics. This was part of a group show also featuring buddies Theo Ellsworth and Abe Nelson. The openning night was a release party for "The Wet Set (toys of Synth) Cd ep by my friend and Colaborator Gejius, who wrote the music for my images of the Jam Girls. The Cd includes a mini book of all my images and 5 mega tracks to jam too! One of them I even sing on! Theo also released his new book of illustrations, "Minow" . My Pal Jason who owns the shop and I were featured on KABU radio in an interview for the show and the state of comics and Jasons shop. Gejius played the "Wet Set" live on the Openning night. This was truly an evening to remember and a show that will last in my heart forever! Thank you Jason!
Here you can see me making the hand made books and making the original images.

Yeah! Klutch presents the 4th year of Vinyl Killers. All art over records! this show took place at the Goodfoot and featured artists from all over including my very own brother (Beefcon), a veteran of all the other previouse Vinyl Killers shows. I had 3 Vinyls in this show. This was in Nov. of 2006.

My single image from an illustration project on display as part of the 100 artist group show titled "The Love Show" at the Launch Pad Gallery. This was in Feb. 2007

This was a mega blast group show called "Sucker Summer" at Street Level Gallery in March of 2007. So many rad artist in this one! Crazy! It featured my own brother, many of Diesel Feul's finest, and many Vinyl Killer Veterans and of coarse the man who put it all together Klutch!

Here we have my portion of the "All Day snacking" Exhibit. This took place at the Rake Art Gallery in March of 2007. I had two pieces in this show, along with my friend Rebbeca Shelly.
This is a Group show I was in, Feb. 2007 at Moshi Moshi. The show was titled "Ninja's Are Sweet". I had two pieces in the show, along with fellow radsters, Bwanna Spoons and Justin Scrappers who's piece is right next to mine.