Wednesday, November 27, 2013

THE NEW NEW 2013: releases from me at Short Run Small press Fest

NEW 2005 part 4?


listen to track "you are so beautiful" & see a peek of the book

Hair Rock release preview featuring You are so beautiful by Phull Collums from Awesome But True on Vimeo.

I have been working way too hard & getting real weird, real gnarly, real excited & super gross the last few months as I have taken a short break from putting together live Gridlords shows temporarily. I finished a brand new (okay many of the pages were penciled 4 years ago) 48 page issue of 2005. I have also printed a new art book of many Sculpture Gardens I rendered as exorcizes for art shows over the year. I love rendering & drawing sculpture gardens from my mind. Its one of the most satisfying things to think about, like record shopping. And finally I made a series of relaxation drawings of Hair figures & rocks starting while I was in the High Desert of Oregon with my family. The high desert is is my favorite place and the combo of being there & starting these images put me in a magic mental landscape. I made a 3 song ep as PHULL COLLUMS to accompany the images. These are my 1st official solo musical compositions to be in the world. The sounds & visions are collected as HAIR ROCK as a book/cd release. 
Hair Rock is GRIDLORDS 003 release
Sculpture Gardens is GRIDLORDS 004 release
& I also just laid out & published a new minni for GRIDLORDS 006 called Long Legs by artist Julianna Green. Julianna is also featured on the Hair rock songs.

All Of these books and music will be officially released at SHORT RUN SMALL PRESS FEST this saturday in Seattle WA!
If you live in Portland OR however you can see them right now at Floating World Comics! Home of the raddest shit in the universe.

See you all at short run! I'l be tabling there with all the newest GRIDLORDS magic as well as releases from the king of good looks and dapper comics Graham Kahler, the lord of conceptual comics Joel Statz & I'll be tabling with the Queen of comics Andrice Arp who had a small edition of a new minni (her 2nd minni comic) that will keep your mind blow and engaged for the rest of your life!

If you are at SHORT RUN, please also not I will be doing a performance/ presentation in a manner that can only be experienced in REAL TIME.



Monday, November 11, 2013

Hair & Stone

These are a couple examples of the Hair Rock series of therapeutic drawing I have been doing. I started these while on a brief vacation camping trip with my family. At the time my Brother & his girlfriend Apple, who I met for the 1st time in person were with me. Apple took these photos of the images above and she now keeps them in their home. I had set out with hopes of finding some new drawings inside me that flowed free and were arranged with absolute comfort and ease and these are exactly that. These make me feel amazing. I am releasing a book of these at short run small press fest which may be accompanied by some music pieces.