Thursday, August 30, 2007


Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A massive group show I will have a piece in opening Sept. 7th

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Flyers for the upcoming show. from top down, Me & Robert Khasho!, and next Me and Julia Green!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Oh Yeah I have been house Hunting with what will be the new Rad House. The Rad house will star Entropy, Digs, My Brozar Kyle and mega longtime (my oldest and longest HA HA!!) Pal Stefan. Here we are looking for a home, and then finding the one we want. Everyone cross your fingers!!!!
Oh my god! What have I been up to recently. Okay here it goes. On the 8th of AUG. The Gejius PDX POP NOW performance exploded into real life. Premiering My music Video to a massive very excited audience!!! We had Coriographed dance for the set by "Play Dead", We had bubbles being blown into the atmosphere by Raquel, and Drew Manned a Smoke machine. Massmod was on the Projector. It was a beautiful beautiful thing! Best Jams Ever!
Wait to see the live show on DVD. Next was the release party for the Portland Funbook. This was a huge event at the Holocene. It was ridiculous. Gus Van Sant was there, it was that ridiculously. By ridiculous I mean mega sweet!!! Jason Layed down sweet jams on the tables. Bands played mega noise sets. I colored for hours on massive prints at a table with loads of kids and beer! Drew put on a mega event for sure!!!! Im old though and so Theo Ellsworth, Gejius and Entropy all went off to have a drink and salad and off to bed!
Next I want to announce that I also very recently started doing Flyers again but as a Duo with Julia Green! We are officially called Awesome Opossum! below is some of our magic in action at a venue called "The Artistary". This image shows our second flyer for them!Then Wham Shazaaam! The Zine Symposium came along and Me and so many mega dooders were selling our rad books!!! I made a grip of new buddies, shared radness with old buddies and spread Awsomeology to the hands of men woman and children everywhere!!!!! I premiered my new issue of "ICant Speak and Spell So Well" issue #3 at the Symposium. Below you will see the amazing Robopocalypse Crue, the super sweet Emily Heller and Julia Hiser, Kinoko and her mega dooder crue including Tony Miller who makes rad jams (try
Then theres the ever amazing Theo Ellsworth and the charming and darkly brilliant Helen Parson!!! Thank you everyone for being so RAD, Especially Jenn for sharing a table (and Theo for securing it) (I hope your Car comes back to life). Seriously there was so much Sketchbook exchanging so much sharing trading laughter and sweetness! Remarkable!!!
Lastly I have been gearing up for The "Awesome But True Electric Institute" 1st Show "Outfits". The Flyers have been extensively worked on between mega compadre Robert K., and Julia Green. Those will be seen very shortly.
Wow, I think its time for a nap.