Friday, December 30, 2011


Below are a series of images I made as gifts this year! Most of them make me feel crazy and weird and awesome, so I hope you enjoy seeing this sort of magic as well! Happy holidays doods! Stay rad into the future for life!!!!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Mind Song: A sound & vision

A short time ago Amy Kuttab gave a duo Kate Rose & Stevie Padden a one off, one night only presentation at the Pony Club Gallery. This very special presentation was an installation that put you inside a very small cave where inside, the very quiet Stevie would much like the wizard of Oz appear. Unlike Oz, Stevie would attach you to some electrodes & then seat you to view a digital representation of your brainwaves along with digital sounds controlled by your brainwaves in sync on the forward wall of the cave. Yes it was indeed that rad! I could talk for hours on the feeling you get sitting across from a visual representation of your inner self. It is intense in a most beautiful way! Its concept had already been in a script for a church of awesome thought comic I had devised but not drawn yet, so it was exceptionally strange to be able to live out one of these art fantasies I usually only get to draw.
For your viewing pleasure Stevie had kindly recorded my scan & song from the event, and allowed me to post it for you all to see.