Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Virgo Birth Witchez party!

Recently many Witchez in my coven have turned a new age! On a very special evening In celebration of my friend Julia & I's close dates of birth we all got crazy rad with Witch passion! Seriouse thank you goes out to Andrice for throwing this awsome gathering, making us wickedly deliciouse cakes & being the most amazing Witch hostess!!! Also Wally for making such a beautiful challenge of mondor donut with awesome the most drawn box ever!!! Also Alex and Ann for those magic rocks! Everyone for showing your awesome witchy ways!!! Happy birthday everyone!!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Happy Berfday Julia!

 This is the pencil & the final image I made for my pal Julia's Berfday (expect insanely rad photo's of our joint B-day witchez party to come). Re-drawing & coloring her covers is becoming a fun tradition!

Monday, September 10, 2012

More premature excitement!!!

 I KNOW I KNOW!!! I gotta stop throwing up stuff before the actual show happens! But Im such a proud papa! Im so crazy excited about how these pieces are turning out between me & Daria!!! We just accomplished a crazy load of major flexed out awesome stuff yesterday. I am having so much fun!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Gridlords 5 Photo's!

Hey everyone I just wanted to share these photos of my band with Suzette Smith & Julia Gfrorer MAGIC CAVES performing my church of awesome thought presentation! This had Julia on Theramin & vocals, Suzette on Synthesizer & vocals, & lastly me on Synthesizer on vocals. We sang a round to the tune of Roy Orbison's crying chorus with my words "Radical Romance Restraint", It was insane and I am so proud of my friends! I was sweating ginger ale!!! At some point there will be a full video posted of this presentation so you all non Oregonians can watch as well! For more photots please visit the Gridlords page!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Birthday bash'n art show Cram'n!!!

I have a bunch of fun stuff that I wanna share! Below are 2 images I recentlyish made for different Birthday individuals that I am super proud of. Below those, are some more in progress samples of whats to come in the collaborative art show between Daria Tessler & Me!!! I am going nuts on these & getting more excited about it each session we work on it!!! 

This is a piece I made for my friend Andrice for Her recent birthday! I was really freaking out over it. This one was hard for me to tell if it was toooo gross or just the right gross:) Sea WITCHES!!!

This image was made by Andrice Arp & myself  with Andrice's faux woodcut technique that is nearly as hard as making a woodcut (for me). We drew it together & then I mostly watched and learned as she did all the awesome technical stuff that she is so good at! We made this for our friend Theo's birthday this year! 

These images below are all cell phone captures of some stuff in progress for the coming art show I am doing with Daria. I recently drew a ton of heads that I intend to incorporate in a crazy amount of ways. This involves a lot of lightboxing & then freestyle awesomizing all over after doing a lot of lightbox repetition. This has been such a fun & magic process mostly set to beautiful synthscapes & wild chatter in the room. SO MUCH FUN!!! I want these images to express the maximum fun levels happening in making them! Thats the goal!


Also In other news You should check out this comics review that I make a cameo in!!!! I have been a big fan of Katie Skelly forever & my friend Suzette Smith made this piece about it for Comics Workbook.