Friday, February 22, 2013

Its Happening!

One awesome Night 2 months ago a friends Manny & Tim put together a happening at the PSU campus & I ended up stationing myself there in the most appealing place for me. That place was the massive chalk board in the room where Manny had written feminine & Masculine in which we were all to draw or write something about where we sit in those shells. I ended up going to town on the chalk board (image above) and soon buddies Kinoko & Cameron Hawkeye were up there making it a masterpiece with me!
Manny has now made tis a staple of the Happenings & I was asked to do one for tonight! Tonight I will be doing something a little more pre thought & organized for it & with color!
Come get rad with us at PSU 7to 9pm.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Teen Bassment Workroom

This is a Mix I made that will be available for free download for about a month!
Get awesome on it as much as possible before its too late! Then I'll put up another right after! YEAH!