Monday, March 25, 2013

Accidently arousing comic pencils

A couple pages from an accidently sexy part of a newer comic Im working at. Also a new portion of 2005 is nearly done. I hope to put out another 100 or more pages of 2005 this year. Man what if I put out 200 more!!!

Arrangements for Squares, rectangles & color

During a lunch break (from working on a new art piece about Caves & internal spaces) I just got great pleasure out of arranging Andrice's Tile sample collection into forms that I am totally in love with! I am feeling a strong impulse to keep this up. I make color pencil representations of like forms in my work but I have not ever previously worked with hands on tiles.

 This one below is my favorite

 This one below was made by Andrice

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Saseme Street music club mix!

Enjoy a new (unless you are my brother Andrice, or Daria) mix I made featuring a cosmic smothering of trax.  It will be up for 1 month & then I will put up a new one. Let me know if this is awesome. Its free to download & I make them to get awesome too and draw like nuts!
More visual Art to come soon. I am going mad hard on my Gridlords project & a HANDFUL of comics that are eating me alive.