Tuesday, April 29, 2008


This Is My conrtibution to Zack Soto's Curatorial debut at the Pony Club Gallery. I believe this to be one of the finest shows, everything was mindblowingly mga rad-diculouse!!!! Thanks Zack for having me, It was truly magical:)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Seattle express

Kinoko gave me the opportunity at her space "The Wayward Cafe" to present a show, and I wanted to tour my 1st installment of "Livng To get radical". So Stefan Saito, Amy Kuttab and I packed up my pieces and hopped a train up to Seattle. Kinoko and her friend Danielle were very hospitable and provided us with super rad room and board in there house. We had mega times eating some extremly deliciouse vegan food at the Wayward and record shoping like squirles collecting all the best nuts all over the city! Kinoko has a space for 1st Thursday in a massive building made up of artist studio's where she sells her books, plushies, stickers, and original art.
We scoped out the place and Kinoko kindly threw my own stash of books up for sale in her space.
Awesome times were had by all!
Im excited to return when we will be throwing a shows end drawing party and then dance party in the same evening. If your in Seattle on the 3rd of May you should stop by and get radical with me. If your passing through between now and then you should still stop by and let me know what you thought:)
Wayward cafe
901 NE 55th St
Seattle, WA