Thursday, October 15, 2009

Secret Acres Emporium!

Today I was on the internet and found that My book Miranda Baby is up now and for sale on a new comics publishers site that I am in love with called "secret Acres"!!!

You can purchase it here:

This is an image to represent how I feel at this moment!!!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I am Excited to announce that on the coming November 1st Thursday Floating world comics will be having an art show featuring the work of Luke Ramsey, Theo Elsworth, Blaise Larmee, Kinoko, and Myself! During this last zine symposium Luke shared his time and radness with us when he made a visit to Oregon. We had a 5 or 6 hour mega drawing jam session on one of the hottest days in Oregon. What was made was a series of images starting with the theme of ghosts after discussing ghosts stories we had all had in our lives. Then it meandered through sweaty mind melts and the talk of the previous days events including a pack of asshole New Zealanders who attempted to destroy our friend Adam's Libido on a walk to a post symposium party. I won’t re tell the whole tale but here is this.
New Zealander: "Is that yer pecker or your balls mate"
Adam: "Its all five! Don’t touch my penis dood, that’s mine!"
New Zealander: "You can touch mine"
New Zealander on his back: "Negative Bulge mate"
The rest is history.

The show presents the collected art work in a new Island Folds Book "Negative Bulge".
The artwork in it will be on display along with new work by each artist. Sales and proceeds will go to Islands Folds to keep it rad!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Fun On Foster!!!

I Am organizing this event for Guapo Comics And Coffee. It is a rad bunch of comic artists that are ready to sit down and make some awesome collaborative art with the neighborhood kids during this yearly event on Foster in Portland OR. Particularly exciting is having Aron Nels Steinke involved as he just recently had his children's comic "Neptune" published by friends Sparkplug, & Tugboat press! The whole group is really a dream team of creative minds!!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009


I recently curated The new show at Guapo Comics and Coffee that opened Aug. 1st. The show is an exploration of the future, the idea of the future and future possibilities.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Hey if you are out and about for 1st Thursday, come check out my artz! I am in 3 shows and I am among so many mega buddies in each one!!!

@ Tender Loving Empire (nw 18th & Lovejoy)
I am in a show called "You Better Believe It!"
This showcases work by Eatcho, BT Livermore, Jacqueline Bo's and Myself. I made a new set called "Million Dollar Maybe" that is my portion. More abstraction and patterns then Ive done before and it feels good!!!

@Floating World Comics (20 nw 5th ave)
I participated in Jasons Potluck show where we were asked to contribute food for your eyes as well as an edible version!
I have made an homage to the meal I pray to, "the Holey Trinity" The Taco, The Pizza & The Taco Pizza!!!
This show has a ton of rad doods contributing!

@Pony Club (625 NW Everett #105)
The Pony Club is having thier 2nd annual clock show! I contributed a very petite clock. WATCH OUT THOUGH!!! DONT GET LOST IN THE TIME VOID!!!

Friday, June 26, 2009


I recently curated the new show at Guapo Comics & Coffee. I wanted to expore Mythological beasts between the current and the past. I had an insane amount of fun with this. I may have to make apoint of throwing this show every year!!! Such a nice lineup of mega pals displaying their beasts!!!

I substituted for Mega Pal Jesse Reklaw for his diary comic. He asked that we comic about our day but that at some point we meet up and hang out so he could have a cameo. It was super fun to do! That day I had been to my day job and I am usually up about 22 hours on those days. It was very hard to pack that much time in one page.
I made this image for a hospital benefit show. The show was like a million artists doing images of the curators favorite x-men character Kitty Pryde. The show was entitle "Full Of Pryde"

I was in an untitled and very impromptu show at the Pony Club where I displayed some lesser some art from the previous year that I felt really proud of and wanted to have up in a space again. Thanks Zack, Dave and David for giving me the opportunity to do just that!
The enormouse piec below is by Stefan Saito and I.

I started a band with My Mega Bro Aaron. I have had an intense amount of fun as this is filling a zone in my life I had felt missing in some crazy digital way. We have been playing shows an putting together an album for about 3 months now. Below is a poster I made for one of the shows.

The above image was for a show at Tender Loving Empire That was themed by making art in ways that could be delivered through the U.S. Postal System called "Wish You Were Here". This occurred while the owners (the Mees's) were away on tour for Jared's band.

I made A new Mini Comic as the beginning of a series. This one is entitled "Miranda Baby". I finished it just in time for presentation at the Stumptown comics fest. I tabled with mega pal Jason levian of Floating World comics who graciously gave me a place to show off my books. We were also right next to my Mega Pal Dunja's Komikaze table. We had loads of weirdo fun with a lot of drunken nights and hangover tabling. Too many goodtimes and stories to include here. Ask me about it sometime:)

This is the hanging of a show in the new series of art show being held at Guapo Comics and Coffee. This show was curated by Jesse Reklaw with art from Chris Cilla, Andrice Arp, Dunja Jancovich, Zack Soto, Theo Ellsworth, Stefan Saito collaborative work with me, and 3 new pieces by me on the theme of "Space" (of wich i was in 2 shows on the subject, in the same month, this one was more sci fi.)

The image above was made for a Zine and show curated by Caley Loise Feeney. The flyer below
It was a super rad multimedia holiday that I look forward to happening every year from hear to the Future!

Friday, February 13, 2009

A Year In The Vortex!

Its nearly time for the artifacts of a year of making Jam comics in and out of various vortex's to be presented!!!

Friday, January 30, 2009

A crazy Show of projected found photo's by so many rad artists! I have a few in the mix. I believe these will be on display one night only. 1st thursday at Floating world comics!