Friday, July 26, 2013

Projects Festival Kickstarter

Hey Everyone I would like you all to see the Kickstarter Page for This Years Projects festival in our home Portland OR. It was pure magic last year and the raddest time anyone could ever have! This year its happening during our season of the Sun here in Portland next month in  August. Gridlords is playing a huge roll in it doing our second large scale show in the beautiful historical Hollywood theater. We have a truly incredible lineup! we’ll be announcing more about that shortly:)
If you love Art and you are looking for something that is still inspiring and beautiful to be a part of in this crazy world, please help out and do whatever you can to make the Projects festival possible. Pass it on to others and give where you can. If you cant or don’t wish to do so, I encourage you to come out to the festival and get awesome! Take part in making something amazing and experience incredible sights & sounds and visionary work that crosses the dimensional boundaries of what seems like reality!!!
Here’s the Kickstatrer. Browse the schedule and drool!

you should take note theres 3 days left on this thing.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

New Delicious Saseme Strete music club mix!

A supremely delicious new mix. Please get out a finely decorated bowl to match your personality and fill it with the ice cream of your choice and top it with some brandy. Lay back and enjoy these together.
If you would like the tracklist let me know & I'll send it your way.

Thursday, July 4, 2013


Heres some nice photos my friend Julia took of my mirror framed images for the Festival Of The Cats art show at Melting Sky Gallery. Go see yourself in my art tonight if you don't have like a thousand other plans for this holiday evening. 
328 NW Broadway, Suite 116, Portland

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Heres a Nice series of photos my Friend Asher Craw took for me at Meat Cheese Bread for my Art show Browser. That afternoon I ate sandwiches with 9 buddies. This little prince with me is my friend Frank. 

Monday, July 1, 2013

Festival of the cats

Its very hot where I live right now. My cat feels sort of like a heater that is invading the corners of our living space and covering them with hot fur. If he was made of stone he would cool in those corners and be a comfort to be near. I feel like a gummy worm with a glazed exterior draping around spaces.

Please come out this 1st thursday to see a very eclectic group of cat themed artwork that will fill the void of cat art out there for all of you beings living just outside this universe!

Melting Sky Gallery 328 NW Broadway, Suite 116, Portland