Friday, April 27, 2012

One more thing before Stumptown comics fest rules my life
Party forever
party until you forget you can die

Thursday, April 26, 2012

GRIDLORDS Friday April 27th!!!

Hey there, I have something very special to announce!!! I have started a new event along with Maria Sputnik, Emily Nilsson, & August Lipp! We are organizing A comics oriented performance night once a month with the Waypost in portland Oregon!!! It will feature state of the art comics & art performance pieces to expand your world beyond the grid that we navigate daily! We are called Gridlords!!!!
Gridlords 1 will host these fine artists who will also be participating in the Stumptown Comics Fest where you can find all there new mega books!

Performances will be by:

If you visit the new Gridlords Tumblr you will find all the info you need to get down with us, as well as new interviews I organized with all of the artists showcased!
Maria Sputnik interviewed by Mr. Sputnik
Jesse Moynihan Interviewed by Suzette Smith 
Malachi Ward interviewed by Dave Nuss
August Lipp Interviewed by Tim Goodyear
Theo Ellsworth interviewed by Wally


Stumptown Comics Fest new books!!!

 Hey everyone!!!  Stumptown Comics fest is taking place this weekend at the convention center. I will be tabling with my friend Theo Ellsworth, & Joseph Lambert at the Secret Acres Table!
I have totally completed 2 of the 3 books I intended to have available for Stumptown comics fest this year!!!
To start I have made the 1st selection in a series of minis that add up to several hundred pages of a mythic futuristic journey through inspiration, in the universe of my Church of Awesome Thoughts series!!! It is titled 2005! Come get it!!! Its 32 pages & fits in your butt pocket!

The 2nd book is a long time in the making Lars Von Trier special interest book called LVT chaos reigns. It was co edited by Suzette Smith & myself. Contributors include Graham Kahler, Jason Overby, Elizabeth Pusack, Cary Vander Yacht, Julia Gfrorer & of coarse me and Suzette put ourselves in there!!!
Below is a photo I swiped off Suzette's fantastic Tumblr where she made sure to showcase the part in the comic where I am Crying.  Its a special interest book get especially interested!!!
  1. Lets Get Rad this weekend!!!
  2. never stop getting rad
  3. take a nap
  4. get rad again

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Shout Outs!

This haze is me finishing the last piece for the show!

Photo's via Suzette Smith com device

I would Just like to give some mega thanks to everyone who came out & brought me the hugs, high fives, Stickers & space juice a couple days ago to kick off my solo show at SoHiteck gallery! I would especially like to thank my friends for helping me keep it together while I plowed through making all the work! Very Specifically thank you too Andrice Arp, August Lipp & Suzette Smith for all your expert advise direction & push, Alissa Neilsen for getting my art from here to eternity! Aaand especially especially Daria Tessler for helping me get the show look'n so good up on those walls and making the title wall in my head come to life in reality!!! Lastly Erik for being a princely host in his space, & The band Decades for look'n & sound'n so fresh & so nice next to my art:) Piles of smiles for miles! right? If you missed me at the opening come try again all month & stay tuned for details on the closing party!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Limerent Alembic!

WHOA!!! Its Happening!!!! This art show formed under me with a lot of fear stress, faces in dreams, & waking in screams. Life is hard, but so am I! Or wait no, its; the night is young & so am I! No! Forget all that! I made these things, come see them on display & traverse realities as I have sifted through them to form allegories of romance and its creation through destruction in a never ending cycle to maintain a feeling! The Limerent Alembic!
The show is a solo art show by me at the SoHiteck Gallery in Nw portlands Everett station lofts. Come find me this 1st Thursday (look for details in the Mercury listings yes!) & get nuts with me & the band Decades for your pleasure! I will be the one in the corner ROTFLOL till the night is over, this is the rhythm of the night!