Thursday, April 26, 2012

Stumptown Comics Fest new books!!!

 Hey everyone!!!  Stumptown Comics fest is taking place this weekend at the convention center. I will be tabling with my friend Theo Ellsworth, & Joseph Lambert at the Secret Acres Table!
I have totally completed 2 of the 3 books I intended to have available for Stumptown comics fest this year!!!
To start I have made the 1st selection in a series of minis that add up to several hundred pages of a mythic futuristic journey through inspiration, in the universe of my Church of Awesome Thoughts series!!! It is titled 2005! Come get it!!! Its 32 pages & fits in your butt pocket!

The 2nd book is a long time in the making Lars Von Trier special interest book called LVT chaos reigns. It was co edited by Suzette Smith & myself. Contributors include Graham Kahler, Jason Overby, Elizabeth Pusack, Cary Vander Yacht, Julia Gfrorer & of coarse me and Suzette put ourselves in there!!!
Below is a photo I swiped off Suzette's fantastic Tumblr where she made sure to showcase the part in the comic where I am Crying.  Its a special interest book get especially interested!!!
  1. Lets Get Rad this weekend!!!
  2. never stop getting rad
  3. take a nap
  4. get rad again

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