Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Limerent Alembic!

WHOA!!! Its Happening!!!! This art show formed under me with a lot of fear stress, faces in dreams, & waking in screams. Life is hard, but so am I! Or wait no, its; the night is young & so am I! No! Forget all that! I made these things, come see them on display & traverse realities as I have sifted through them to form allegories of romance and its creation through destruction in a never ending cycle to maintain a feeling! The Limerent Alembic!
The show is a solo art show by me at the SoHiteck Gallery in Nw portlands Everett station lofts. Come find me this 1st Thursday (look for details in the Mercury listings yes!) & get nuts with me & the band Decades for your pleasure! I will be the one in the corner ROTFLOL till the night is over, this is the rhythm of the night!

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