Friday, March 16, 2012

Sparkplug comics reading & me! Just one of the girls!

Hey everyone, I am totally going to be doing a comics reading performance at the Waypost! I need you all to come & support my mega friends at Sparkplug comics! Its a fundraiser for the upcoming releases, wich I can 1st hand assure you are essential to exist in this world!!! Like all of Sparkplugs impressive roster, The upcoming releases are gems of genius comics works! Please come be a part of something, make something happen & have a rad time with comics & comics creators!
I will be reading my comic "Dream Grant: the church of Awesome Thought". I'm really nervous about it! I have always avoided reading my comics that predominantly feature female characters because Girls are really rad, and I am not that rad! Dream grant features only girls so I am braving the territory and just being one of the girls! To accompany me & Take on the other roles I will be reading with fellow comics creators & friends Julia Gfrorer & Suzette Smith. Julia herself will be also doing a reading, as well as pals of maximum radness Theo Ellsworth and Aron Nels Steinke, plus way more!!! If those names aren't exciting enough for you, you are crazy!!! Come get awesome with me!

This drawing above is of me! It was made by a lady named Julie Ogden who was at the coffee shop the other day while Julia & I were proofing an artist Bio I needed to make. I thought it captured my seating style perfectly! I'm so releaved she didn't include a word balloon quotation, because Julia & I only talk about really embarrassing and perverse stuff:) Its something we can do!

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