Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Hey if you are out and about for 1st Thursday, come check out my artz! I am in 3 shows and I am among so many mega buddies in each one!!!

@ Tender Loving Empire (nw 18th & Lovejoy)
I am in a show called "You Better Believe It!"
This showcases work by Eatcho, BT Livermore, Jacqueline Bo's and Myself. I made a new set called "Million Dollar Maybe" that is my portion. More abstraction and patterns then Ive done before and it feels good!!!

@Floating World Comics (20 nw 5th ave)
I participated in Jasons Potluck show where we were asked to contribute food for your eyes as well as an edible version!
I have made an homage to the meal I pray to, "the Holey Trinity" The Taco, The Pizza & The Taco Pizza!!!
This show has a ton of rad doods contributing!

@Pony Club (625 NW Everett #105)
The Pony Club is having thier 2nd annual clock show! I contributed a very petite clock. WATCH OUT THOUGH!!! DONT GET LOST IN THE TIME VOID!!!