Monday, October 20, 2008


A friend of mine alerted me to this glowing review of the "What Are Crass" Performance for the Zinesters Talking festival. I'm unaware if I spoke to her personally, but she wrote a very detailed very comprehensive review that made me cry joyous tears!!!
Someone got it!!! She gives a dead on description of the comic that gave me faith in what I am Doing, and my wonderful collaborators/ mega bro's.
Delilah who wrote the review also posted her own pictures from the event as well, so there are more to look at.
Delilah, I Love You TOO!

Please go to the link below and give it a read:)

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Crass Performance/ Zinesters Reading Mega Event

Check! Theo is Zoned on projection is GO!
Projection Succesfull! Radness on!

Raquel & Sean (Crass Spirits)

Any Questions???
All Photo's By Catherine Peach.
I would like to thank the following people for being so rad as to organize this event!
Jennifer May, Christopher Cuttone, Laural Winter & The Multnomah County Library
A Mega Shout Out To at Guapo Comics For being so awesome!
K, For making magical hats!
I want to express my deep love and appreciation for Mega Team Who were there to Contribute and make this event the raddest ever!
Gejius For Making the most phenomenal theme and sound effects! Trully making the show cohesive and Megatasticle!!!! You Got the skills bro!!!!
Amy Kuttab for making the most Delicious fabric Popsicle and ice cream ever!!!
Catherine Peach for being the best advice column and fixer upper repair artist ever!!!
Theo Ellsworth for being in the mega zone and willing to Jump into anything and coming through on the most impressive projection skills in this universe!!!
Raquel Dishner for embodying the mind, spirit, and voice of the crass with me, and giving one of the finest performances on any stage! You were there to keep it all together, I Owe you big time!!!
Lastly, Julia gfrorer, Brody Kelly, Floating World Jason, Drew & Laura Wollman & Mega Bro Stefan Saito. Thank you guys for being super supportive and encouraging pals!!!
I Love all you guys!

Stay Tuned for The presentation on Video