Saturday, December 7, 2013

Short Run small press fest forever!

OH MAN! Okay so, okay okay okay! SHORT RUUUUUN! Okay, I don't know how best to cover how I felt about Short run 2013 aside from a highlights of my experience at the fest! So here goes! Okay so these are NOT in any order aside from " my memory at this moment" order. I was inebriated for the 2nd half of the fest & for the 1st half I was in performance anxiety mode where I was cycling through my Witchlords performance piece in my mind until I did it! So the memories keep flooding back but they were fuzzy for a while.

Highlights of my favorite moments (if you get bored I apologize, this is a little cathartic)

- Talking to Vita (one of my hosts & friend) about the magic of Laurie Anderson & my aspirations to be her in every way. This was super refreshing during a predominantly comics show.

-Megan Kelso giving me a very thoughtful rundown on my drawings & stippling that was so elating I cant stop thinking about it. I had begun a disillusionment with cartoonist thinking at all & Megan made me feel like they do again.

-Working with Janice Headley as my stage manager for my performance piece & racing around looking for fun objects to eat cereal out of! SHE DID SO GOOD!

-Emily Nilsson as James Murphy in my performance giving me inspirational advice.

-Showing mega pal Elysia Avery Nason a chill tucked away hiding spot in the festival to calm festival anxiety and having Elysia style rad conversations about the world. Such a tiny Saraswati!

-Finally Getting a contributor copy of NO ME published by Jason T. Miles. It's so fucking gorgeous & I am so flattered & proud to be within its pages alongside such brilliant people as Gerald Jablonski. I am also a huge fan of Jason's LOVE WINS & I was so happy I got a copy of the newest issue dedicated to Kim Thompson.

-Leaping on & Riding Jesse Mcmanus's back  all over the dance floor when he tried to destroy the conga line with reckless moshing.

- Darin Shuler's incredible & infectious smile when I handed him contributor's copies of the Gridlords anthology he is in.

-The way I felt when I saw the muppet-like presence of PONY TIME when they started playing their classic rock vibes at the Comics Prom.

-Seeing Lisa Mangum & Andrice Arp, the 2 tallest & most powerful ladies I know, being seat buddies in the audience during my performance.

-Max Clottfelter getting all choked up when I got copies of his Short Run anthology and expressing gratitude over my inclusion of he & his friend's incredible comic in the Gridlords Otherworlds Anthology.

-Meeting J.T. Dockery's bottle before meeting Dockery himself & getting dragged away from it into a vehicle as soon as our eyes met.

- Kelly Froh pulling me aside when I was loading in my performance gear and telling me that I had to "suck down a Capri sun with her fast & now" and I had to "suck it really hard".  I rose to the occasion and sucked it with all my might assuming that Short Run's success was riding on this new ritual in the making.

-Eroyn Franklin rushing up to me with rosy smile and saying "Sean Christensen I have to go downstairs RIGHT NOW but when I come back I HAVE to dance with you".

- Theo Ellsworth & I getting nuts on the dance floor with Tim Miller and then Theo & I promptly Raising Tim into the air like the beautiful party host he was!

-Starting a conga line by grabbing Tim Millers hips and throwing Theo on mine & Eroyn on the front and snaking our way as we grew en masse over the whole dance floor into an explosive frenzy!!!

- Theo & I Getting Kazimir Strzepek, Tim Miller & Max Clottfelter to get nuts on the dance floor in a circle which Max & I then joyously began darting through each others legs narrowly escaping destruction of each others ovaries to which they are homologous.

-Taking reasonably sober Prom photo's with most of my favorite doods and feeling so strong. Then hours later photo bombing happy couples prom photos with Theo & I darting into there photo's with Marsuplala eyeball balloons strapped to us. Then THEN mob photo boothing with maybe like every friend in there (practically everyone!). So BEAUTIFUL!

-Lillie Craw telling me the whole synopsis of her new release called "My Bitch friend" which is totally about one of MY friends.

-That previously said friend (Suzette Smith) rushing up & throwing her stunning new comic edition at me that I secretly was anxiously awaiting, along with a delightful peanut butter cup:) Did I ever get a copy of my new thang to her? Man Im a dick! well, my work is not worthy of her awesome mind.

-Seeing old friend Pam Cameron Snyder & her telling me that during my performance she "made a new friend in the audience! Maybe for life, Maybe more!"

-At comics Prom coming across warning signs not to "sit on the balcony" and making their trim garnish into googley faces! Then Reid Psaltis pointing out they looked like Uteruses and me promptly turning them into smiley Uteruses! Then Reid saying "you're welcome for that" when he saw how pleased I was with the outcome.

-Suzette Smith looking so pleased with herself & so confident & happy again when I found her at the pre party after texting with her, bummed that we were bolt bussing at different times the same morning.

-Elysia & emily improv acting in my performance piece. Emily being both james Murphy & herself & Elysia playing "my sis" just was SO natural. I felt great & humbled in there presence.

-sleeping on an Air mattress in a tiny room with my best dood Theo & imagining our intertwined dreaming session.

-All my friends giving me Bananas at the festival. A great source of potassium and a re-animator of serotonin!

-Selling more of my buddy & Gridlords hand Graham Kahlers books then ever.

-Tim Miller telling Theo & I that we made all of his comics prom dreams come true & truly gave him a special night!

-Post festival getting Ethiopian food in Seattle's rich ethiopian universe at the kiddy table amongst so many of my favorite people all at once. Then realizing how lucky I am that I get to do almost the same thing weekly back home.

-Post festival hangover fixed with an (unusual for me) Steak & eggs massive breakfast. Then in a beatiful haze being hypnotized by Stefan Gruber's hugs & Vita's dance as Theo, Andrice & I worked on an animated project.

Post festival day of making a heap of collaborative art & starting what we proclaimed to be "the comic we repeatedly make for the rest of our lives" invented by Andrice Arp. We now have 3 strong & I cant wait to meditate with it more!


- Nobody filming or photographing the performances again
which I think went like this?

& This

-Not selling enough of my books after my bag broke in multiple ways on my trip up to Seattle.

- Not getting Jesse McMannus's new books.

-Not getting to spend enough quality time with Kelly Froh, Eroyn Franklin, Max Clottfelter & Tim Miller this year.

-Elysia, Wally, Lillie, Asher, Tim Goodyear, Not being able to be at comics prom. You doods were missed.

I cant wait for next year! Each Year it gets more exciting, more fun, and more encompassing of the multimedia art universe that Short Run publications revolve around. Absolute magic by 3 magical organizers! PURE BLISS!


Wednesday, November 27, 2013

THE NEW NEW 2013: releases from me at Short Run Small press Fest

NEW 2005 part 4?


listen to track "you are so beautiful" & see a peek of the book

Hair Rock release preview featuring You are so beautiful by Phull Collums from Awesome But True on Vimeo.

I have been working way too hard & getting real weird, real gnarly, real excited & super gross the last few months as I have taken a short break from putting together live Gridlords shows temporarily. I finished a brand new (okay many of the pages were penciled 4 years ago) 48 page issue of 2005. I have also printed a new art book of many Sculpture Gardens I rendered as exorcizes for art shows over the year. I love rendering & drawing sculpture gardens from my mind. Its one of the most satisfying things to think about, like record shopping. And finally I made a series of relaxation drawings of Hair figures & rocks starting while I was in the High Desert of Oregon with my family. The high desert is is my favorite place and the combo of being there & starting these images put me in a magic mental landscape. I made a 3 song ep as PHULL COLLUMS to accompany the images. These are my 1st official solo musical compositions to be in the world. The sounds & visions are collected as HAIR ROCK as a book/cd release. 
Hair Rock is GRIDLORDS 003 release
Sculpture Gardens is GRIDLORDS 004 release
& I also just laid out & published a new minni for GRIDLORDS 006 called Long Legs by artist Julianna Green. Julianna is also featured on the Hair rock songs.

All Of these books and music will be officially released at SHORT RUN SMALL PRESS FEST this saturday in Seattle WA!
If you live in Portland OR however you can see them right now at Floating World Comics! Home of the raddest shit in the universe.

See you all at short run! I'l be tabling there with all the newest GRIDLORDS magic as well as releases from the king of good looks and dapper comics Graham Kahler, the lord of conceptual comics Joel Statz & I'll be tabling with the Queen of comics Andrice Arp who had a small edition of a new minni (her 2nd minni comic) that will keep your mind blow and engaged for the rest of your life!

If you are at SHORT RUN, please also not I will be doing a performance/ presentation in a manner that can only be experienced in REAL TIME.



Monday, November 11, 2013

Hair & Stone

These are a couple examples of the Hair Rock series of therapeutic drawing I have been doing. I started these while on a brief vacation camping trip with my family. At the time my Brother & his girlfriend Apple, who I met for the 1st time in person were with me. Apple took these photos of the images above and she now keeps them in their home. I had set out with hopes of finding some new drawings inside me that flowed free and were arranged with absolute comfort and ease and these are exactly that. These make me feel amazing. I am releasing a book of these at short run small press fest which may be accompanied by some music pieces.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

New Drawings

Im working on a selection of new drawings that I plan to make into a book to premiere at the coming SHORT RUN SMALL PRESS FEST. My FAVORITE OF FESTS!!!!

Saturday, September 21, 2013


One of my drawings I made while away camping with my family after my sisters wedding and being with my brother & his girlfriend Apple who live in Hong Kong. I hope to make a new book of these in time for Short Run in Seattle!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

A gift

I made this as a Gift. I feel pretty rad about it.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Short Run Anthology teaser!

Im laughing at myself, as I am currently sitting using the internet in a cafe wearing my Short Run fest shirt from year 1 of the festival as I put this up! But Im proud to show you a taste of a 1 page comic I made for the Short Run anthology they are publishing for the fest. It is a sort of revival of festival anthologies that seemed to have mostly died off. The anthology is curated by the brilliant Max Clotfelter. I'll let you know more details as the release & show get nearer.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Projects Festival Kickstarter

Hey Everyone I would like you all to see the Kickstarter Page for This Years Projects festival in our home Portland OR. It was pure magic last year and the raddest time anyone could ever have! This year its happening during our season of the Sun here in Portland next month in  August. Gridlords is playing a huge roll in it doing our second large scale show in the beautiful historical Hollywood theater. We have a truly incredible lineup! we’ll be announcing more about that shortly:)
If you love Art and you are looking for something that is still inspiring and beautiful to be a part of in this crazy world, please help out and do whatever you can to make the Projects festival possible. Pass it on to others and give where you can. If you cant or don’t wish to do so, I encourage you to come out to the festival and get awesome! Take part in making something amazing and experience incredible sights & sounds and visionary work that crosses the dimensional boundaries of what seems like reality!!!
Here’s the Kickstatrer. Browse the schedule and drool!

you should take note theres 3 days left on this thing.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

New Delicious Saseme Strete music club mix!

A supremely delicious new mix. Please get out a finely decorated bowl to match your personality and fill it with the ice cream of your choice and top it with some brandy. Lay back and enjoy these together.
If you would like the tracklist let me know & I'll send it your way.

Thursday, July 4, 2013


Heres some nice photos my friend Julia took of my mirror framed images for the Festival Of The Cats art show at Melting Sky Gallery. Go see yourself in my art tonight if you don't have like a thousand other plans for this holiday evening. 
328 NW Broadway, Suite 116, Portland

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Heres a Nice series of photos my Friend Asher Craw took for me at Meat Cheese Bread for my Art show Browser. That afternoon I ate sandwiches with 9 buddies. This little prince with me is my friend Frank. 

Monday, July 1, 2013

Festival of the cats

Its very hot where I live right now. My cat feels sort of like a heater that is invading the corners of our living space and covering them with hot fur. If he was made of stone he would cool in those corners and be a comfort to be near. I feel like a gummy worm with a glazed exterior draping around spaces.

Please come out this 1st thursday to see a very eclectic group of cat themed artwork that will fill the void of cat art out there for all of you beings living just outside this universe!

Melting Sky Gallery 328 NW Broadway, Suite 116, Portland

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Seated cats running waters

Complete. This image made for the coming cat themed show at Melting sky gallery is done! Seated cats running waters is not really seen in this way on the internet. There are silver highlights that make these cats shimmer and the water appear so refreshing that your salivate for it. Come see it in the reality based method 1st thursday in july. More soon.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Cat People

I am mid way through a small series of cat themed images for a show coming up 1st thursday of July. It will be another fine gallery full of images at the Melting Sky Gallery. Stay tuned for MORE!!!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Saseme Strete Music Club! New Mix!

Here I'm sharing a new mix that was meant to continue my too hot to sleep series. It is hard to really know what number it is but we will say its number 4. I had made several variations of this one. It got dark at one point. Too moody at another, too light on its toes, to rambunctious & wild, but then finally I realized it was taking its coarse the way it ought to be and I cant let go of it! Thanks to those of you who danced to a rough version of this while it was playing at the Taurus art show a few months back.
Download it for free and dance on it forever!!! If you want a track list I'll send it your way:)

Monday, June 17, 2013

An artist caught in the act of sketching!

The other day I was chitchat'n away at a cafe with my friend Elysia and one of her co-workers. Then I spied a very sneaky artists sitting in a chair to the right of us who I suspected was sketching us! I waited until it appeared like she was done or changing a page in her sketchbook or packing up. I then raised my arms slowly to the sky until I became enormous in presence! Spooked she looked up and I asked if it was okay to see how the drawing turned out. She was surprised she was caught and humbly showed it to us and I was floored by the likenesses!!! She did make me look very young and youthful and what can I say to that but THANK YOU! She introduced herself as Michelle Kwon and gave me her website. She's a student and working with Laika studios currently! Her work is very polished and in many places oddly reminds me of something from my childhood which to me is rad but may make her or others cringe (give it a chance). It made me on 1st site recall The chipmunk adventure movie from 1987.  Something about her line does that to me.

You should check her out!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


 I currently have an art show called Browser at the tasty Meat Cheese Bread (click on it for the address & or menu) Sandwich shop. Its a place you can purchase sandwiches! You can go in there and buy a sandwich and sit at there table and gaze into 23 original art pieces I made! If you like one or more you may also purchase those there! But otherwise they are there to be looked at and I encourage you to go in there and do so. Experiencing them in person is entirely different from here on the internet. You can look at them on the internet here & eat a sandwich you made, or someone you love maybe made, if you are so lucky to have someone who loves you and makes sandwiches. I guess you can experience them in a lot of strange ways here on the internet really. You can be naked, you can be dancing, you can be standing on your head or screaming as loud as you can while you look at them. But you will be missing out on the shimmer of the silver inks, the metallic red paints that glisten like salmon skin, and the human texturing that comes with my human reality an laboring.  Some of them i cried on, some of them I laughed on and some of them I even slept on and so they are embedded too with all of these things that you may vibe out if you see them in reality. I hope you do and I hope you get something wonderful from them. These here represent about half of what is up on the wall. This could be your last or maybe only chance to see these in reality even. Who knows if I'll ever have art on walls again? The future is unknowable. Anything could happen and there no way to control it. All we can do is effect it lightly and look foreword to it. I owe this lovely opportunity to the generous mind and hands of Gregg Pitter of Hungry Eyeball. Thanks gregg!
Now Go get a sandwich and get rad!!!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

SPACE! 1st thursday

I have 4 pieces in the new space themed art show called CELESTIAL SPHERES at MELTING SKY GALLERY!!! This is two sides of the same piece about moving through SPACE (echo)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Think about windows. Think about our concepts of natural settings and constraint. Then think of moving through elements like heat, then the way we come from eggs and then cellular existence and then being human among comsic reality!
Get super real on it tonight!
It opens for 1st thursday (TODAY) with musical performance by Magisterial at 8pm!
3 of my pieces hanging are real classics truly loved by fans everywhere, Please take this opportunity to see them in person. The one above, sectionally is new for the show!
Adress: 328 NW Broadway, Suite 116, Portland, OR 97209