Monday, June 17, 2013

An artist caught in the act of sketching!

The other day I was chitchat'n away at a cafe with my friend Elysia and one of her co-workers. Then I spied a very sneaky artists sitting in a chair to the right of us who I suspected was sketching us! I waited until it appeared like she was done or changing a page in her sketchbook or packing up. I then raised my arms slowly to the sky until I became enormous in presence! Spooked she looked up and I asked if it was okay to see how the drawing turned out. She was surprised she was caught and humbly showed it to us and I was floored by the likenesses!!! She did make me look very young and youthful and what can I say to that but THANK YOU! She introduced herself as Michelle Kwon and gave me her website. She's a student and working with Laika studios currently! Her work is very polished and in many places oddly reminds me of something from my childhood which to me is rad but may make her or others cringe (give it a chance). It made me on 1st site recall The chipmunk adventure movie from 1987.  Something about her line does that to me.

You should check her out!

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