Friday, December 21, 2012

Short Run comics performance part 2!

Here is the 2nd half of my perfomance reading of my comics at the Short Run small press festival 2012!

short run perfomance live2 from Awesome But True on Vimeo.

Sunday, December 16, 2012


YES YES YES!!!! I have here the video of my comic that I put on as a play for the Gridlords portion of the projects festival! You will love this for LIFE!!! As do I!!!

dream greant from Awesome But True on Vimeo.

Thank you Maria for filming this. Thank you Dunja, Lisa & Jason for bringing me to the projects! Thank you Emily for making this possible!
Thank you magical cast who made my characters bloom into life!!! I couldnt be happier:)

Friday, December 7, 2012

AmaZine Day! TOMORROW!!!! LETS PARTY!!!!

Hey Everyone in town! I'm going to be celebrating AmaZine Day that will be held at the IPRC tomorrow, Saturday the 8th from 2 to 6pm! I will be selling my comics & have a selection of original art at painfully low prices to help you buy them! I will have a buncha comics but if you want a copy of my newest edition of the 2005 series that is 66 pages you gotta get there fast! I am nearly sold out from my 1st run! AHHH!!! YES!!! I will be there with my most marvelous friends Emily Nilsson for Sparkplug Comics, & Jason of the magnificent Floating World comics that just published the new delicious field studies of Aidan Koch & Francois will be there getting Fresh as he does so well! Lets get awesome! Lets get gross! Lets make my holiday radder by giving me reality dollers and you reality radness by proxy! (reality dollers are when i make money doing something I love as apposed to selling my soul or sacrificing my time on this earth for the benefits of evil.)

After I get rad there I intend to get my full party on by getting drunk both off the bounty of the bar & especially the bounty of the visual experience at Tiga Bar for my friend Amber Smith (who previously acted in a theatrical version of my Dream Grant Comic). She is presenting a beautiful dark art show that is made up of gorgeous line work making up ladies of Horror! She is also debuting a calender of said drawings just in time for the new year! If you are smart you will come see this devastatingly rad show & give her praise!

 After that....... I hope to attend a holiday party if I survive the HORROR!!!

Thursday, December 6, 2012



Here is part 1 of three of my short comics performed & read by me and Magic Cave (Julia Gfrorer, Suzette Smith & Myself) at short run Small press fest! This Video was shot & sent to me by my friend Tim Miller, who's monster perfomance I totally missed after mine unfortunately:( Sorry Tim! But thanks so much for being such a phenominal dood & taking & sending me this video!
Its pretty small & slim;) So I suggest you augment it & view it full screen!!! YES! Actually since you can watch this anywhere & viewing it is a completely different way of interacting with the performance than its original live format, please do as many amazing things as possible while viewing it!!! Tell me what you did!!!??? I wanna know! I wanna shower you with praise for whatever else you accomplished or di while you saw this:)
Thanks Emily for making this video possible to be uploaded!