Thursday, December 6, 2012



Here is part 1 of three of my short comics performed & read by me and Magic Cave (Julia Gfrorer, Suzette Smith & Myself) at short run Small press fest! This Video was shot & sent to me by my friend Tim Miller, who's monster perfomance I totally missed after mine unfortunately:( Sorry Tim! But thanks so much for being such a phenominal dood & taking & sending me this video!
Its pretty small & slim;) So I suggest you augment it & view it full screen!!! YES! Actually since you can watch this anywhere & viewing it is a completely different way of interacting with the performance than its original live format, please do as many amazing things as possible while viewing it!!! Tell me what you did!!!??? I wanna know! I wanna shower you with praise for whatever else you accomplished or di while you saw this:)
Thanks Emily for making this video possible to be uploaded!

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