Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanks Tiger

I went to my parents home for which i spent just under half of my current tally of years in life. When I entered the old homestead I found Laying before me, on a shelf in a display case, a recently unearthed masterpiece from my fledgling years in artistry. I had in kindergatten I believe been ordered  as per usual to separately from the class (my kindergarten teacher made me do all assignments opposite the rest of the class alone or with the assistant) go & make the craft for the day that was assinged us. We were made to make a frame out of some form of clay that appears like dough. then we showcase a photo of ourselves like a nice jelly filling inside of it.
Before you here is this work now modernized by my own mother for the new generation to understand via Iphone technology. each touch up option & titling was done completely by herself with her own artistic instincts.

Mixed media
Photo on Kodack paper glossy circa 1985
Clay dough?

iphone re-photograped & digitaly touched up & titled by Linda Christensen 2012

This was a wonderful start to my thanksgiving yesterday! Overall it was a magic event. I witnessed more further developments in technology with the family. I saw the new Ang Lee movie Life of PI, where Ang took film to new heights by showing a full on male tiger genitalia spray piss in your (the viewer in 3d glasses) face in 3D via computer animated urine stream technology. I had previously only known this to be used in modern pornography. The movie itself is full of piss jokes in fact. It seemed like a recurring theme. It came up so frequently, not including the title characters name. I definitely felt as though I was being unwantedly pissed on by the stories transparent motivations.
Afterward Via Skype technology I spoke to my brother who lives 13 hours in the Phuture from me, & descibed to him the marvels of the piss technology.

The Phuture is Bright
Never give up
Like our own bodies take in & flush out unwanted toxins liquefied,
 so too does the world.

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