Tuesday, August 31, 2010

All DOGS Go To Heaven

Hey Doods! Are you ready to get mega wicked!!! Come see the dark side at Pony Club gallery this coming 1st Thursday of September! Yours truly is serving up a dish of pure evil in this Dave Nuss curated show. Yes Dave Nuss of "Revival House Press" and "Shit Beams" Fame! Wait you don't know this stuff?! Get over to the internet and buy everything this dood has!!! Wait NO! Make it even easier for your ass and walk over to the show on 1st thursday and buy them from Dave in person!!! I just picked up the new release "Everything Unseen" by Drew Beckmeyer at the Portland Zine Symposium (more on that later). Dave the "Rave" Nuss has found a jewel of raw beauty and futurez passion with this book!!! I am obsessed with it and I only finnished reading it the second time this morning and have only owned it 72 hours!!! I feel so lucky that this book lives with me!!! If you are unfamiliar with Beckmeyers work you should get all over his stuff, get yourself some juice and sit and melt with it for a while. He is truly brilliant, Beckmeyer just dove head first into comics like he has been at it for 20 years!
MAN! YES!!! Ok, back to me. Um, The picture above is a detail from my new piece to be featured in the satanic panic in the attic style explosion opening 1st Thursday At the Pony Club Gallery. Call up your ex goth girlfriend/boyfriend and bring em on down! I'll see you there BWAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sketching for health!

Yesterday Amy, Theo, Emily and I went and saw a Herzog movie called the Enigma Of Kaspar Hauser. It was totally rad! I enjoyed it most for all of its prompts for thought that it gave me. The story itself is full of mystery and questions, so you feel left with many. I found myself in a state of strange comfort simply listening to its Hero speaking. His voice had an interesting quality on its own and the character had a slow speech that gave you the feeling he was choosing his words with much care and visualizing them as a form coming from his mouth.
After the movie I began to experience a nearly mentionless itch at my 1st finger on my power hand. It seemed like just a harmless scratch from a passing bush along our walk to the theater.
Theo, Amy & I went and talked about the movie over a Beer. Over the coarse of conversation the drive to draw came over Amy, and she began doing portraits of the 2 of us on tiny squares. They were totally beautiful! Theo seemed to be at a loss without paper so I slid him my sketch pad and he began to go at it right away!
Soon Theo and I had the need for some Pizza conveniently across the way! We were each able to select our individual allotted topping and promptly pizza Jammed!
I asked Theo if he wanted to keep his drawing. With a glare of the unknown he left it in my hands.
The next morning (today) I woke up and was totally astonished and near panicked to find my finger who told me it was a little itchy, had swelled to enormous proportions!!! I was terrified. I did all of the things one must do to get it to a doctor, and made haste for it with the aid of Amy and our friend Arial as they set off to go to a waterfall adventure together.
Once at the Clinic, I needed to find something to occupy my mind and distract from my paranoid germy surroundings that are not dissimilar from my day job that I have negative feeling for as well. I found the comfort of Theo's sketch in my bag and it reminded me of a strange and magical story he told me a few days before about a magic and mysterious thing he happened upon. I began to draw and add on to it. It made me almost completely forget my troubled finger, and assured me it would all be ok and I would still be able to draw. Creation is powerful magic.
The image above is the picture.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Self reflection?

Here is a comic made up of buisness cards by Amy Kuttab that reflect my many daily positions of life. It is good for me to know I am doing these things as i reflect on the day by looking at these. AH HA HA HA H A!!!!!! YES! You should visit Amy's blog for the full story in more business card comics! YESSS!!!!