Friday, September 26, 2014


Hey HEY!!!! I was interviewed while Inkstuds comics podcast was on tour and meeting up with artists all over! They survived a night of bullet spray across the street in the neighborhood where I met them. We had a great time drinking coffee and talking shop. Brandon Grahams dad slept sweetly snoring on the couch, and his teenage sister was being an awesome teen cranking the stereo in the bathroom. Grahams dad also regaled us in phenomenal stories about geodesic domes and the geodesic dome society on my way out. I over shared and had a great time drawing in Brandon Grahams sketchbook. The podcast begins with my dearest friend Aaron's tribute song to me that he made for my birthday this year and ends with one of my favorite musician Pekka Airaksinen. 
Please download it and listen too it while you are at work of at the gym or putting ink to paper yourself:)
A Serious joy!
I think this officially means I'm famous!