Saturday, October 20, 2007

Beefcon! Shark Attack!!!

The silly Yellow one cut in the corner is mine and the one to the right of it is Theo's. Just above mine is Mike Bertino!

The huge one on Pink board is by Stefan Saito and I!

Hey dooders! This is a radical show I am involved in!!!
The month of OCT. was crazy! Here is my first experience with the wonderful folks at the "Tender Loving Empire.
I forgot my camera so all of these pictures were taken by Tender loving Empire.
The opening was amazing with music by "Yoyodyne" and a huge crowd. Thanks everyone who came out:)
And if you haven't seen it yet you should swing on by to 18th and Lovejoy!!!
It features "Awesome But True Electric Institute" members, Stefan Saito, Beefcon, Catherine Peach, Julia Green, Theo Ellsworth, Tragical Beast and Aidan Koch!
And so many more rad artists including Mike Bertino, whom Tender Loving empire just released a Phenomenal comic by called "Pinwheel".
Its up till the end of the month!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Here is Photo's from the day of setup at the "Acorn". I received mega assistance from the ever amazing Entropy and We made a new pal named Alex!