Wednesday, March 12, 2008

books for sale!

Books for sale by old fashioned snail mail order (for now)
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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Repeat After ME!

1st thing I wanna thank David Youngblood for having me in this wonderful show at the Pony Club! It turned out beautiful!!!
Mine is the heart shaped one:)
Next I wanna Thank Jason for hosting the raddest show yet with mega Team Stefan Saito, Catherine Peach, and me of coarse!
I also wanna thank everyone who came to the opening and supported the raddness! So many wonderful people I hadn't gotten to see during the months of preparation. The Gejius, Weston, Mary, Jackabee, The Hibert dudestars! Seriously, so nice to see you:)

Below are some pictures from the show (soon to be more) and a write up Jason wrote that made my heart melt.

By Jason
March 1st Thursday at Floating World welcomes back Sean Christensen, founder of the Awesome But True Electric Institute, an art collective that includes artists from Portland and a growing global network of artists from all over the world. For this group show he is joined by two longtime friends and art collaborators, Catherine Peach and Stefan Saito.

For the show "Repeat After Me", the three friends produced an original series of works that flows like an illustrated game of telephone. One artist starts with an image of any kind, and then they pass it on to the next artist who interprets it with their own personal style and attention to detail. Then the 3rd artist just gets to see the 2nd illustration so their final drawing could be totally different than the original. The artists themselves are keeping the finished illustrations secret until the night of the show so even they don't know what the results will be. See each artist's interpretation of themes like space station inspectors, international bicycle races, 'Weekend At Bernies' themed dance parties, made up gods, and other electric awesomeness.

"Repeat After Me" runs through Mar. 31

It's been exactly a year since Sean's last show here at Floating World, and in the meantime he's curated shows at Reading Frenzy and been featured in shows at Pony Club, Moshi Moshi, Acorn, Grendel's Coffee, and other Portland galleries. He also produces new art zines on a very regular basis and directs music videos and art for local electronic musician, Gejius.

Catherine Peach recently moved back to Portland from Philadelphia. She got her BFA in painting at PNCA. Her work has been featured in shows at the Pony Club, Tender Loving Empire, and Floating World Comics. She says her work can be summed up with, "Unicorns, candy and cat girls… that's all you need in life.

Stefan Saito also graduated from PNCA with a degree in illustration. He is fascinated by cartoon characters and television, unintentionally structuring his oeuvre on the confusing relationship between Garfield and

The repeat after me room with mega pal Laura
Me and The Hibert Dudes scop'n the goods!

Yes, we made those:)
Repeat After ME!

Laura is holding a handmade Sketch book we had for sale.

Our Merch table.
Acting the pro
Life is like a box of Chocolates, tasty!
In order now from left to right. Stefan Saito, Floating World Jason, Me, Spencer Hibert, Oliver Hibert:)

I love these!
Yeah! My mom and dad stopped in!
Catherine Peach!
So the next day Paper Rad stopped by town and I about died! Scoped out the exhibit, listened to them talk about being rad, and then watched there new children's show and got a pre-copy that still has me smiling ear to ear, simultaneously pooping my skinny jeans! Thank you guys!