Tuesday, August 31, 2010

All DOGS Go To Heaven

Hey Doods! Are you ready to get mega wicked!!! Come see the dark side at Pony Club gallery this coming 1st Thursday of September! Yours truly is serving up a dish of pure evil in this Dave Nuss curated show. Yes Dave Nuss of "Revival House Press" and "Shit Beams" Fame! Wait you don't know this stuff?! Get over to the internet and buy everything this dood has!!! Wait NO! Make it even easier for your ass and walk over to the show on 1st thursday and buy them from Dave in person!!! I just picked up the new release "Everything Unseen" by Drew Beckmeyer at the Portland Zine Symposium (more on that later). Dave the "Rave" Nuss has found a jewel of raw beauty and futurez passion with this book!!! I am obsessed with it and I only finnished reading it the second time this morning and have only owned it 72 hours!!! I feel so lucky that this book lives with me!!! If you are unfamiliar with Beckmeyers work you should get all over his stuff, get yourself some juice and sit and melt with it for a while. He is truly brilliant, Beckmeyer just dove head first into comics like he has been at it for 20 years!
MAN! YES!!! Ok, back to me. Um, The picture above is a detail from my new piece to be featured in the satanic panic in the attic style explosion opening 1st Thursday At the Pony Club Gallery. Call up your ex goth girlfriend/boyfriend and bring em on down! I'll see you there BWAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!

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