Tuesday, June 11, 2013


 I currently have an art show called Browser at the tasty Meat Cheese Bread (click on it for the address & or menu) Sandwich shop. Its a place you can purchase sandwiches! You can go in there and buy a sandwich and sit at there table and gaze into 23 original art pieces I made! If you like one or more you may also purchase those there! But otherwise they are there to be looked at and I encourage you to go in there and do so. Experiencing them in person is entirely different from here on the internet. You can look at them on the internet here & eat a sandwich you made, or someone you love maybe made, if you are so lucky to have someone who loves you and makes sandwiches. I guess you can experience them in a lot of strange ways here on the internet really. You can be naked, you can be dancing, you can be standing on your head or screaming as loud as you can while you look at them. But you will be missing out on the shimmer of the silver inks, the metallic red paints that glisten like salmon skin, and the human texturing that comes with my human reality an laboring.  Some of them i cried on, some of them I laughed on and some of them I even slept on and so they are embedded too with all of these things that you may vibe out if you see them in reality. I hope you do and I hope you get something wonderful from them. These here represent about half of what is up on the wall. This could be your last or maybe only chance to see these in reality even. Who knows if I'll ever have art on walls again? The future is unknowable. Anything could happen and there no way to control it. All we can do is effect it lightly and look foreword to it. I owe this lovely opportunity to the generous mind and hands of Gregg Pitter of Hungry Eyeball. Thanks gregg!
Now Go get a sandwich and get rad!!!

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