Thursday, June 6, 2013

SPACE! 1st thursday

I have 4 pieces in the new space themed art show called CELESTIAL SPHERES at MELTING SKY GALLERY!!! This is two sides of the same piece about moving through SPACE (echo)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Think about windows. Think about our concepts of natural settings and constraint. Then think of moving through elements like heat, then the way we come from eggs and then cellular existence and then being human among comsic reality!
Get super real on it tonight!
It opens for 1st thursday (TODAY) with musical performance by Magisterial at 8pm!
3 of my pieces hanging are real classics truly loved by fans everywhere, Please take this opportunity to see them in person. The one above, sectionally is new for the show!
Adress: 328 NW Broadway, Suite 116, Portland, OR 97209

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