Monday, March 5, 2012

A Lark!

Recently I had been staying over at my friend Andrices for some spirit therapy, and at the same time a magical friend named Lark Pien was in town & also staying over! I met Lark one year at Stumptown comics fest previously, and thought she was hilarious and crazy fun! While we were both at Andrices I got to know her a lot better & had so much fun! One morning waking up from Andrice magic cocktail extravaganza, Lark had out some pens & paints ready to make some imaginary creatures to inhabit a succulent that she was gifting to Bwanna spoons for hosting her excellent art show last month at Grass Hut. She asked if Andrice & I would contribute a character, and so we got right to it! In my post sleepy eyed state i made that crazy bat creature above between the two Lark creatures, & Andrice made the grumpy spirit who didn't want to sing in the succulent choir! The creatures soon became a barbershop quartet & Andrices creature hid in the succulent and pretended not to be moved by there beautiful voices:) Afterwards Lark made like 4000 crapes & we ate them all!!!!
If you didnt make Lark's show last month you should get rad to her work at her web page, or the local book & comic store! She's a restless spirit of constant creation!

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