Saturday, April 7, 2012

Shout Outs!

This haze is me finishing the last piece for the show!

Photo's via Suzette Smith com device

I would Just like to give some mega thanks to everyone who came out & brought me the hugs, high fives, Stickers & space juice a couple days ago to kick off my solo show at SoHiteck gallery! I would especially like to thank my friends for helping me keep it together while I plowed through making all the work! Very Specifically thank you too Andrice Arp, August Lipp & Suzette Smith for all your expert advise direction & push, Alissa Neilsen for getting my art from here to eternity! Aaand especially especially Daria Tessler for helping me get the show look'n so good up on those walls and making the title wall in my head come to life in reality!!! Lastly Erik for being a princely host in his space, & The band Decades for look'n & sound'n so fresh & so nice next to my art:) Piles of smiles for miles! right? If you missed me at the opening come try again all month & stay tuned for details on the closing party!

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Aron Nels Steinke said...

ARGH! I can't believe I missed it. Congratulations Sean! It looks awesome... and somehow true. We'll be down sometime this month to see it.