Friday, December 5, 2008

Together Gallery Friendship Quilt!

The tallest lady alive peep'n my book
Jooj gett'n the giggles
Graham, Rebecca, and Julia
Pack'n the together Gallery!

Through the trees (one of the images I made for the show)

Hey doods.
So many mega pals and I were invited to be in a friendly style art show for the holiday season. We all made images that were square like a quilt block and made a beautiful friendship quilt of all our images on the walls of the Together gallery. The opening was Saturday November 29th and there was a massive (Seriously ENORMOUS!) attendance between the 30 some artists in the show and friends of them and the Together Gallery. It was truly beautiful and warm. Tim Karpinsky, David Wien, and Seth Neefus were exceptional hosts. The show went from sharing rad times with close friends and making new friends to hanging out with friends parents over drinks (Brodie your mom is my favorite fan ever!) and then having a sing along session in the dark at the gallery before casting off glowing with red cheeks in the cold night air. Thank you everyone who came. Aaron, Raquel, kaia, Julia, Brodie, Graham, Rebecca, Amy, Aaron & Ayumi, Seth, Tim, David, I love you dooders, you are the radness!

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