Saturday, December 18, 2010

Some stuff that is cool!
I have a friend who has a birthday that is very soon!
That friend's name is Aaron.
Aaron has another name and that is Gejius!
Gejius is what happens when Aaron gets fired up and busts out on some keys with some out- of- this- universe dance jams to rock yer body!
Aaron / Gejius has been my friend and collaborator for several years now, and we have gathered our radness over many projects and songs. To put it lightly Aaron/ Gejius has enabled many of my dreams to come true!
Our 1st ever collaboration was how we really started work'n it together. We met at our crappy day job, and flooded over our mutual lust for certain french house music masters, and the other dance acts that at our day jobs made us sound and look like aliens in a corn field.
After displaying our rock finger actions and sharing what skills we individually had, it became clear that they must be merged!
I had an art show, and some very synthesizer inspired work to display, so Aaron started writing some mega jamz while vibing off of my peices. It was going so radly that Aaron asked if I'd add some vocals and come over to record. I almost died! ME! IN A SONG!!! YES!!!
The art show was rad, Aaron peformed a full set of all of the songs ispired by the work and we whipped out a package complete with the my work self printed with a cd of his music.
Some time later I directed a music video for the song my voice stretched across, and we crafted a dance performance and this was only the beginning of our radness togethor.
Since then we have recorded a project called Glass Moustache which we performed live 4 times so far to an awesome melt down of the audience! The music along with a comic will be released in the future. Aaron and I have collaborated on many further Gejius tracks along the way as well, the two of us co-writing mad hand claps and doing vocals together.
In honor of his BIRTHDAY I would like to present these NUGGETS of his RADNESS and a GIFT inspired by him FOR him.
This is a man I owe so much to. He is one of the only people who always believes in me no matter how ridiculous, and this is a man whose family bought me groceries when I was poor without question. Mega!
1st things 1st, GEJIUS has only very recently produced a brand new album called "FREE" and not only will it Free you and make you melt on the dancefloor, but it is in fact.... FREE! Also You may hear my voice upn track 1 of the the album:)
Go here and download it now and show Gejius your love:)Here is a link to the original work Aaron and I collaborated on for that art show so long ago in digital fomat.And of course you should get rad to the Video I wrote and directed for him several years back as well, it makes me a little teary eyed re-watching it:)

Last but not least: A downloadable mix to jam to, inspired by and in honor of jam master Aaron's Berfday! click on Pizza & Burritos below and it will direct you to the magic mix! YESAAAAH!!!

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