Thursday, April 14, 2011

Comics Are coming!!!

Yeah Doods! Thats right, the two new comics ready for your eyez are printed and prepared to be gotten starting at the Guapo Comics and Coffee Stumptown opening party!!! Play Overlord is the new collaborative comic series made by Theo Ellsworth, Amy Kuttab and myself. This 1st issue also has a bonus comic made between Jesse & Theo, about a Slide man!!! The whole comic is 40 pages in totally rad vision!!!
At the Guapo comics party we will be reading a selection of Play Overlord live in voices!!!

The Dream Grant is another 40 page comic made just by me for you! This is a story that is part of my CHURCH OF AWESOME THOUGHT series. This one follows Hermana and her student roommates as she gets chosen to make her dreams into art!!!

Yes!! There is truly a new character introduced on every single page of Play Overlord!!! Collect them all!!!!

Below Here is a new image I created for the wall of the Guapo opening party Art Show: The haunted Cartoon Vaults! Its Cheap and portable!!! Go buy it and make it a part of your magical home today!!!
With The entry of the Haunted cartoon Vaults Art show, that means the Woman show has come to a close. It was a truly amazing show and one of the shows I have been most proud of organizing. It was sad to take it all down. To all of you involved, you are the greatest and you made something truly awesome!!!
Below are some pictures of that show, starting with Jesse Reklaw, with Pam Cameron Schneider who had 4 pieces from her coming experimental Graphic novel in the show.

Here is a sneak preview of the gridular Art show The Haunted Cartoon Vaults that you can experience at the Guapo Comics & coffee Stumptown opening party!!! It will be up for all of Comics month as well! The show features, Graham Kahler, Julia Gfrorer, Chris Cilla Cameron Hawkeye, Theo Ellsworth, Jesse Reklaw, Andrice Arp, Elizabeth Pusack, Francois Vigneault, Katy Ellis O'brien, Daria Tessler, Emily Nillson, & Amy Kuttab, Oh and Me!

Below the crew Jesse Reklaw, Theo Ellsworth & Amy Kuttab help get the art show together and then we practiced for the coming comics reading of PLAY OVERLORD!!!!!!

Hammer Time!!!

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