Friday, May 10, 2013

Short Run Dreams

You know when you have those dreams, where all the raddest stuff that you love is going on. You are just surrounded by all your favorite stuff, and all your favorite people. Then you do a bunch of super crazy stuff that not only blows your own mind, but man the people you love are eating it up! They think you are the raddest person they know! And you are all like, nooooo, your the raddest, no really! You ARE!!!! Then you wake up and realise that none of it was real, and that it didnt really happen, and now you have to go to your job where everyone thinks you are mentally challenged, and that you are the lamest person they know. Thats kind of like how this video was for me. HAHAH!!! I am trying so hard to be a prima donna!
Short Run was amazing last year, and I did 2  live performances. One was a music set to Stefan Grubers animation and the other a live performance of 3 of my Church of Awesome thought comics accompanied by Julia Gfrorer & Suzette Smith, in Stefan Grubers animation room. I tabled with Andrice Arp and had so much crazy fun with my best friends and got to stay at Short Run organizer Eroyn Franklins amazing pad along with my two of my closets slosies Theo Ellsworth & Andrice. Eryn's place was so lovely & it was a treat to see her awesome life!
This Video is super Rad! And gives a pretty beatutiful look at the vibe of the show. But aside from a quote about my sales you would never have know I was there. It was like it was all one crazy dream! What a beautiful dream!!! I cant wait for the one coming up! This is seriously the most fun, loving and best organized show I know!!! If you havnt been the last 2 years, please watch this lovely document and come get rad this year:)

Short run video (May 10th) from The Last Quest on Vimeo.

I watched this with the audio off at work (so as to not draw attention) and unfortunatly one of my coworkers noticed the moving images and was all like "whats that porn!" I toild him "it was a comic show I was in and i'm in the video somewhere i'm told". Then when I found I wasnt except the quote He said "Are you on that Men of Comics show"?  I told him I was "too pretty for that tv series and I hated it. Its not believable for people with my looks or Ben Afflec's for that matter to make mainstream super hero fair. But I wasnt pretty enouph for Short Run where everything is beautiful". Then He wanted to talk abou Walking dead........


Kelly Froh said...

Hi Sean! Thanks for your kind words! I know - it's amazing how many people were not in the video, or how many peoples' backs were in it instead of their fronts! The experience of watching someone edit a film was not to be believed, I'll tell you more later. But thanks again and we are so excited to put on another show, especially with you! Kelly Froh

Sean Christensen Awesome But True said...

YES! I know I am alsways bummed how much of Gridlords is not photographed. At the end of the day you have all of these key memmories that you love so much and then still in this techno age its impossible to capture it all. I cant wait to see you guys!!!! I almost wish it was happenning sooner:) But dont freak out you still have lots of time:)