Tuesday, April 13, 2010

2010 Guapo Comics & Coffee Stumptown Party!!!!

Hey Doods, Portlands Stumptown Comics fest is nearly here and everyone is busting out there finest comics jamz to strut and win over the thousands of fans that will be passing through the double tree's doors! But just before busting through the double tree double doors, you should come to the kickoff party at Guapo Comics and coffee! Its always a beautiful display of comics radness and debauchery.
This year they will be holding the Kukoc awards, focused on the finest Mini comics of the year with a special trophy hand designed and made by the super rad Andrice Arp! This years award comes with $450 in prizes graciously donated by, among others one of my favorite new comics publishers (of whom will be in attendance this year) Secret Acres! An array of new Mini's will be premiered at Guapo that night as well. The premiers include new works by mega pals Jesse Reklaw, Graham Kahler, Julia Gfrorer, and a new comic by Amy Kuttab in collaboration with me!
Extra Special this year is an Art show from one of Portland's most magical hidden talents, Graham Kahler!!! You may recognize his name from above, and yes its true, We not only get a new comic from him but a whole beautiful art show to take our breath away!!! I cant wait to see it all!
Come party and soak in all of the supernatural radness and inspiring visions under some beers sweets and treats, in one crazy knockdown kickoff explosion!!!

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