Wednesday, February 23, 2011


In honor of Women's History Month this year, Guapo comics & coffee proudly presents an art show featuring a selection of female artists that they love!
All of the artists are women currently residing in Portland, who weave with an array of different textures their ideas and creative powers within the comics and illustration community.

Andrice Arp is a comic book artist, graphic designer, and fine art painter. She is regularly featured in the Fantagraphics anthology series Mome, the walls of giant robot galleries, and is co editor of Hi Horse comics. Her comics have a dream like quality that cover all ends of magical myth with a touch of romance.

Julia Gfrorer is a comic book artist, printer & fine artist. She is the author and artist most famous for her short comic Flesh & Bone of sparkplug comics. Julia makes possibly the most intense, dark, erotic, romantic and brutal, modern comics in print, yet they have a visual quality that lends them to a time that could lay anywhere between the 1700's to the future.

Natalie Howard is a comics artist and illustrator. She most recently put out quite possibly one of the most disgusting, mind melting, face twisting and thought provoking master works of gnarleyness in the mini comic variety. If you have not experienced "Mighty Twat Shot".................. Nothing can prepare you.

Amy Kuttab is a fine art oil painter, comic artist and is a witch who fly's not on the broom but on the paint brush handle. She is a co-member of the Pony Club gallery. She was most recently featured in the comics anthology study group 12 in a comic adaptation of a middle eastern folktale of her heritage.

Katy Ellis O'brien is a cartoonist, comic artist and fine art painter. Katy is a teacher of cartooning to the youth, and she is one of the main organizers behind the monthly zine Stumptwon Underground. To meet her is like meeting a familiar character you grew up with, except that character was an animal in human clothes on your t.v and in your story books. Her work shows more control and dominance over the line then one could dream of achieving.

Jennifer Parks is a comic artist, illustrator, and Co-member of the pony club gallery. Her world is filled with ghosts, charcoal, and ornamental gatherings. Her work without compromise tells the tale of that world in intensely rendered darkness. Jennifer was most recently featured in the comic anthology Study Group 12 with a tale of spirits that lurk someplace between your dreams and your window.

Elizabeth Pusack is a comic artist and illustrator. She makes powerful dreamy flashes of a past that has fallen out of modern society where emotions and attention to physical beings and textures beyond smooth plastic live and are alive with vibrating lines.

Pam Cameron - Snyder is a interdisciplinary artist. She meticulously crafts flowing strands of lines into mysterious symbols and life structures that deepen your sensory perspective on the elements of your life. She exudes darkness where there are no dark voids but with a hope in light where it barely peeks through thin lines in compositional harmony. Pam is currently working on a long format experimental graphic novel titled Wave Forms.

Daria Tessler is an illustrator, cartoonist, fine artist and master printer. Her fine detailed hand made prints can be found the world wide. She is regularly shown on the walls of Giant Robot galleries with her work that evokes other worlds and universes undiscovered by the human race aside from Daria.......... That is if Daria herself is even human? She aside from completing a childrens book, was most recently featured in the comic anthology Art Bureau.

Rebecca Artemisa Urias is a cartoonist, maker of magic trinkets & fine artist painter. She makes intimate spooky puzzles layed out like constilations, that evoke a danger and fear underneath a vail of a story book fantasy that draws you in and forces you to want to know its secrets. She most recently was in the comic anthology Art Bureau.

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