Tuesday, February 1, 2011



Above is an image I made for the upcoming 1st Thursday art openning at The Pony Club gallery. I have made 3 pieces in total to be part of the show celebrating one of the most sensational music videos of the 1980's for "Take on Me' by Aha. The music video (for those of you to young to remember, or low on memory) featured the band luring a young woman reading a wordless comic over coffee, to dive streight into the the comic itself to hang out, dance get shiny and romanticly gaze at eachother. I wont spoil where it goes from there.

Above is an oil painting of the band Aha made by Amy Kuttab that will also be featured in the show to make you swoon! I have also been able to see an animated flipbook made by Andrice Arp that I cant believe is real!!!
Each artist was given a set of stills from the video to vibe on and interpret in whatever medium they choose. I got real proggy with mine:)
The openning show party is This 1st thursday of Febuary from 6 to 10, and is open to see every Teusday through saturday 1pm to 6pm

Pony Club Gallery

625 NW Everett St

Suite #105

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