Monday, July 4, 2011

Rainbow Orifice & major Beautiful

A short time ago I was asked to find someone to perform a synthesizer set to accompany an animated psychic reading & a new short animated piece by Stefan Gruber. I thought fast and decided with many mixed feeling that this may be the time to have the 1st performance of "Rainbow Orifice & Major beautiful", or myself & Amy Kuttab respectively. We practiced a set that fell somewhere between vangelis's china ablum and shiny balls of water zoloriax.
It was fun to do & I hope to scape it out this way more. Thanks to all who were there in both spirit & the physical. Special thanks to Jesse for sound mixing, and Stefan for trusting us to space out. Stefan is touring this show & having local synth's wherever he lands, play along with him. Look him up to see if he's in your town.

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