Monday, July 4, 2011

Are you feeling me?

These are two new images that are mostly finnished for an upcoming art show soon top be announced. I am having a weird time, and times are weird. I don't believe I know how to make things that people will buy and put on there wall and love them. It also would seem I don't know how to make things that people will buy and put under there bed & love. I need to survive on what I thrive on. In the words of the suburban lawns " All action is reaction. Expansion . Contraction. Man the manipulator. . Underwater . Does it matter. Antimatter. Nuclear reactor . Boom boom boom boom"
The other day I was walking down a street and I saw a cat that was laying in what seemed the most natural & perfect of habitats. The cat lay between green foliage so comfortably & regally displayed on a dry bed that was some sort of blond long grass bush. It was beautiful and I was envious. I wanted to be close to that feeling and upon trying to physically bring myself near the cat I disturbed the beauty and he scattered.

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