Tuesday, June 28, 2011


These are the 1st images of a very special and very odd thing I happened to do. One day at my day job, I was having another lame out session dreaming of all the things I could be making if I wasnt at my day job, and didnt need to be there. Suddenly one of my co workers who is from Bulgaria originally, leans over and asks if I thought I could draw a fish. I said "of coarse I can draw a fish!" Then she said "what about a very strange looking fish?". She then explained that her rowing team that she coaches, which in Bulgaria was her mane focus and joy had been awarded money for there very own boat by an anonymous donor. The doner explicitly asked that they take pride in the boat and it must have a logo of its own for the team. She and the team decided it must be the "Barracuda", as it fit the essence of the team and the shape of the boat best. Barracuda's are indeed an odd looking long floot of a fish with butterfly like tails and delicate side fins that with all those beautiful attributes are perfectly balanced with a most bizarre and sinister beak with bulging eyes! She said she was hoping for a logo that featured the word Barricuda within the distinct shape of the fish and that her 11 year old daughter had tried very hard but its such a awkward shape she couldnt do it. Also it had to be done by the next morning at 8am! I struggled with all of it at 1st and was like, "Whoa! I don't work under these condition, and I don't have the tools for the job on me here in the land of uncreativity known as the DAY JOB!" But then she smiled and asked if I minded trying just a little something that might help her daughter with it at least. It then struck me, why would I not make this time at the hellish day job dedicated to the secret mission of designing a super strange Barracuda logo and technically be getting paid while doing it to help a friend with there awesome dream outside this hell hole too!!! I went full on into my lunch break and sneaking in pencils from the office I did some covert drawing at the front desk. In about an hours time, I had reached the limit of what I could do with the tools being a # 2 pencil with no sharpener or eraser, a sharpy marker and one nearly dead micron I happened to find in my bag. She got so excited she showed everyone at work and thankfully didn't tell them where and when i did it, and took it straight home to get the process of the early morning printing under way. A week later I was told it was beautiful and about to be in several competitions. The doner's and the team sent me thank you messages and I felt good! Since then the boat has been in a series of competitions that has thus far brought its team to 3rd place in the regional's, taking them to now compete in national rowing competitions! ooooooOOOO!!! BARRACUDA!!!

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