Sunday, June 26, 2011

Of Beasts & father day past

This (above) action figure I found on the outskirts of Guapo & The Ellsworth dome has been heavily influential on what I have been trying to channel lately. I believe it is going to take me to some very emotionaly perplexing places where animal transends reality and overcomes human society to make peace with the strength of a warrior who's weapons are the wisdom of the past with the perspective of the future.

This is an animation cell I made on display in an art exhibit called Faque Cartunez at Guapo comics & coffee. The show was curated by mega pal and local wize man John Isaacson. The show features a number of buddies, so it would by definition be friendly to go view it while its on display. Peep out some Chris Cilla, Amy Kuttab, Patrick Keck, Andrice Arp, & Daria Tessler among others. Get rad, stay rad, weird summer.

Also above is a card I made for my super rad mega dad on the occasion of it recently being fathers day. We spent time barb e Q'ing and playing some intense arm destroying net & racket games as well as watched a movie about werewolves.

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