Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Above is a collaboration that Joseph Lambert, Theo Ellsworth & I had going on at our table during Stumptown comics fest this last weekend! We had a rad time dropping secret acres knowledge all over peoples minds & showing people how to get awesome! It was super rad getting to meet Joe, who's book had me going nuts with radness last year. What a sweet guy that Joe! 
Stumptown was relatively laid back this year at the convention center but all & all was super fun & went pretty great! My only complaint was that the exhibitors were made to wait in a crazy huge line to get in & set up with there badges. Some even long after the convention was open. Welllll, unless you set up the night before...... I had an event & partying to do though!!!! 
It was super great meeting some new faces that I had admired through there work but had not met in person before. Also my favorite Short run krew, Kelly Froh, Max Clotfelter, & Eroyn Franklin are always an exciting presence to behold & hang with!
Stay tuned & I will share some of the nice books I picked up from other artist this year:) I GOT SO MUCH RAD STUFFFF!!!!
 Incase you needed a reason to live in mortal fear of my face for the rest of your life I thought I'd post all of the flickr photos from the stumptown comics fest page. I love all of these photo's so much! But sometimes I forget how terrifying I am in reality. Its good to be reminded of how overwhelming ones face can be.

 It was especially awesome being next to this rabble rousing crew the whole weekend

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