Saturday, May 12, 2012

Hey Everyone, Stefan Gruber is coming back to town & I am accompanying him with Suzette Smith in our new band MAGIC CAVES!

Stefan Will be presenting his epic animated piece "Both Worlds" along with a set of other works by other artists. Magic caves will be doing a live synth set to cosmicly take your mind on Stefan's fantastic journey!
We will be going on last and sending you off into other worlds & back!!!
Its at The NW film center in the Art museum movie theater Whitsel Auditorium on May 17th.


Heres what it says on the NW Film Center Roster:)
VISITING ARTIST—Tonight we welcome Seattle filmmaker Tess Martin to present a collection of short animated films that explore inter-actions—actions between each frame of motion as well as between each subject onscreen. Made individually by twelve members of SEAT (Seattle Experimental Animation Team), these thought-provoking films explore themes of love, faith, and murder. This special screening includes live narration of Stefan Gruber's short film BOTH WORLDS, accompanied by live music from Magic Caves. Other shorts in the program include: Britta Johnson’s TWO DOTS, in which marbles illustrate the subtle math of a relationship; Drew Christie’s THE MAN WHO SHOT THE MAN WHO SHOT LINCOLN, an interpretation of the bizarre life of the man who killed John Wilkes Booth; Aaron Wendel’s DWELLINGS, in which two houses slowly destroy each other; Tess Martin’s PLAIN FACE, in which a stranger arrives and is the subject of prejudice, violence, and love; Amanda Moore’s BRIDGING WOUNDS, a whimsical exploration of the lives of strangers told through silhouette puppet animation; Davis Limnbach’s LOOPFORMS, in which a dance of energy of spirit is expressed in “maximized loops”; Sara Jane Lapp’s CHRONICLES OF A PROFESSIONAL EULOGIST, the story of a professional eulogist in training; Clyde Peterson’s DIRTY STREET, featuring recut footage projected and re-photographed using the “Hipstamatic” app for iPhone; Webster Crowell's PARASOL, a short, quick revenge film about bicycles, dancing, and speed; Salise Hughes’ SOMEWHERE, in which two lovers meet in a world somewhere between a sock hop and the Wild West; and Bruce Bickford’s THE COMIC THAT FRENCHES YOUR MIND, your mind on eggs. (74 mins.)
Tess Martin will present the program.

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