Monday, August 20, 2012


Coming on strong! The Next instalment in the Gridlordian wave is coming your way! An artist by the name of Sophie Yanow who I have met on many occasions here in portland at our variouse comics festivities is touring with a couple canadians with her diary comics! Representing the Canadians is Francois Samson Dunlop & Alexandre Fontaine Rousseau who are reading from there recent weezer contemplating comic about Pinkerton. We are also blessed on this night with another traveler! My friend Dan Butler who is an artist of many forms is presenting some truly Gridular Video pieces to captivate your sence of place in the grid. My friend & neighbor Julia Gfrörer will be giving a presentation of some new short comics pieces that will dazzel in there intricate forms that in fact inform on form & what lives within the worlds within within whithin. Lastly I will also be presenting with a little help from my friends. I will be reading in an avant Garde presentation of some of my church of awesome thought material accompanied by voices synthesizers!!! At least thats what I told myself, but then I've changed my hairstyle so many time I don't know what I look like!!!
Also the 1st annual Comics exchange will take place at Gridlords!!! Bring A comic you love to give to another & spread The JOY of comics!!!! COMICS!!!
Youve been warned
Also please rejoice in applause for the fantastic poster made by mega city stunner Cameron Hawkeye!

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