Saturday, August 11, 2012

JAPANTHER Record & Zine suprise!!!

 Something like a year ago John Isaacson Kindly asked me if id be into doing a comic oriented around a song for an up coming Japanther 7" by a new label called Spirit Animal. I love music & love doing things for music or anything really involving music! So I gladly said yes & I picked a song that is the B. side called "Oh Washington" which i originally received as a demo called "OOWAA", too my memory. It was the track I felt most, & I got excited to make some epic layouts of some church of awesome thought characters rollerblading through the wilderness singing OOWAA! I recall at the time feeling like it was the best thing I had ever made! I also remember really feeling this royksopp music video around then that I think I additionally was really vibeing on. Its strange to me now how long I have been now really reminiscing on roller bladeing times, & while i've been drawing them, I still haven't picked them back up? That's one of those things I feel like works best in teams though. I need a roller bladeing partner I think to race around & truly get rad. I spent many a summer that way in my formative years. I formed some flying v's with the neighborhood. I absolutely did a lot of off road rollerblading in this ditch also in the neighborhood & in state parks! Also to come full circle I did a decent amount of rollerblading in Washington.

Here you can see the back packaging that has our comic zine tucked away inside that also features a John Isaacson comic inside & a little collabby on the cover.

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