Wednesday, April 17, 2013

2005 a 3rd part of a greater whole.....?

Here is a teaser sample of a random selection of pages, of what is the 3rd portion of 2005 I am printing as we speak. This portion weighs in at 40 pages and there's another on the way. I will have them tomorrow all ready to be seen at Gridlords on April 27th. Its like my own Stumptown comics fest, which costs less money to enter and you only get awesome stuff instead........ But thats just my feeling...... & several others....  Which is not to say you shouldn't visit the fest, as some of my truly wonderful friends are still there fighting the good fight to have quality stuff there...... You know not everybody likes the same stuff. Some people have programmer jobs & need to just glaze over with mindless donut books because there minds are flooded with numbers and letter configurations. Others can Handle more, and want it:) There's stuff in this world for everyone. What Im trying to say is go out there and get rad! Get crazy awesome in a cosmic mindful way and I hope to see you at Gridlords to further that phenomenal feeling!

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