Sunday, April 7, 2013

Gridlords Big Style

Poster image by Cameron Hawkeye

I have worked very hard to get this show together & It may be the biggest thing i'll ever do. I am so proud of this and simultaneously so scared it will be a huge disasterpiece! But the lineup is so crazy awesome and It has been an utter thrill along the way to see what each person is preparing, and to work with so many friends to cultivate this thing. Its crazy also to feel this amazing feeling knowing that most of these things may not have existed nor have ever been made without my making this event. I don't take responsibility for these amazing works but I am so happy to have made them possible. I hope you all will come out and enjoy them when its finally here and have love in your eyes and ears and patience with me as I take this giant leap:)
Please Gridlords for all the details.
Gridlords forever?

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