Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Wylde Birthdaze!

I had to share these, they all make me feel so good! Above is a portrait of the beautiful Kanye that I made for Julia's birthday. Julia is a mad fan of the man which you will all son find out from her upcoming new mini comics.
Below are some awesome art people made me for my own birthday:) Bak made me this Wylde Birthdaze image that I unfortunately/fortunately (as it was my dream breakfast) got birthday breakfast grease on! It now proudly hangs on my fridge:) Below that are some collaborative cake doods Amy, Andrice, David Youngblood, Caroline smith, Bak & Theo all made me. I wish I could dnace with & slowly devour both of them! AAAAAAAND THEN! Below that is THE FUTURE! Theo said he fashioned this dood to represent all the stuff I love. I can safely say Theo that you captured all of the elements, you fashioned the perfect devotional knee slide pose, you got eyeballs, beast magic, most excellent explosive action vibes and of coarse a most magnificent keytar of synthaliciouse blastular proportions!!! He looks the way I feel about the members of my beloved Earth Wind & Fire:) One day Theo we may have to make a comic of creatures like this loosely based on EW&F & there soul core cosmic adventures in sound in our minds??? I would melt!

Thanks doods!

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