Sunday, October 2, 2011


Hey Guys, I will be participating in a couple of coming 1st thursday art shows contained within the Everett station lofts!
I will be showing some very seedy art works at the pony club in Jason Fischers erotic monster party known as Monsterbation!

Also this month I was invited by a very special man who is better known as "Double Plus Good" 10 Mile Stereo by DoublePlusGood
a force of dance in the magical & tropical synthesized universe of music! I have been a secret fan for sometime so it is very exciting to be working for him and his recent baby SoHi tek gallery & record label. A friend of his is an entrepreneur with a passion for YOYO's and has hand made several YOYO's for artists to turn into spiraling works of art.

Below is the front & BACK OF MINE:)
You can purchase these beautiful YOYO's at the show for a very affordable price! There will also be Pro YOYOers Doing there thang at the gallery opening night!
Please come out through the rain to get Sexy & then get dazzled with YOYO ACTION!!!
The opening party's are 6 to 10pm 1st Thursday of spooky OCT.

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