Friday, October 14, 2011

Fantagraphics Dance art!

Here is a poorly cropped Teaser for an image that will be extensively colored for an upcoming art show at the Fantagraphics (!!!) Gallery in Seattle WA. The show is in support of the 1st Small press Expo called Short Run, which is in part run by my pal Kelly Froh. I met Froh years back when we were paired for a comics reading at my Multnomah county library. I am extremely excited that she has given me the opportunity to be in this show, I don't know what she see's in me to be so kind but I owe her big time!
I will be tabling at Short Run as well with bro's Dave Nuss who is one of the best small press publishers for my money with Revival House press. He released one of the greatest comics of all time (the second section will be available at Short Run) called Everything Unseen! I am also tabling with Brolordias Jesse Reklaw who will bring the party & the magic (cards)!

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A Arp said...

man, Sean, you don't need to worry about anything! Stop worrying about stuff